About Me

My name is Rachel and I'm a fresh, spanking, brand new Indie Dyer from Wolverhampton in the UK.

As a lover of colour and texture, dyeing yarn seems to be the thing I was meant to do...but that may have more to do with being able to make a legitimate mess and create something gorgeous out of it!

I call my skeins 'OOAK (One of A Kind) One Skein Wonders because they're exactly that; one off, never to be repeated, whatever happens in the pan, small batch colourways.

Inspiration comes in many forms and from different places; TV shows, childhood memories, people and things that I see, photographs, songs, sweets...the list of possibilities is endless!

There are so many plans and ideas for FLYY Dyed, and I really hope that you'll let me share them with you -  you can find me loitering with good intent over on Instagram @flyydyed.