£1.00 - £10.00

By now everyone knows that stickers and enamel pins make me giddy with joy, so there was no question that I had to create my own for you to enjoy too!

Stand out from the crowd with these FLYY Dyed stickers and pins - bursting with all the colours.

You can stick them literally anywhere pins look great on sweaters, lapels and project bags, and stickers will pop on notebooks, laptops, water bottles and just about anything they’ll stick to!

All FLYY Dyed stickers are made from strong, durable vinyl, measure up to 3" and can withstand bumps, scratches, sunlight and water.

Enamel pins are roughly 2cm in size and come with a rubber clutch and backing card.

Take your pick from the following selection:

• FLYY Dyed holographic logo sticker
• FLYY Dyed vinyl logo sticker
• OOAK One Skein Wonder vinyl sticker

• FLYY Dyed logo enamel pin
• OOAK One Skein Wonder enamel pin
• Summer ‘21 FLYY Dyed Cocktail acrylic pin (exclusive artwork by Amy Gell @gellyillustrations)
• Summer ‘21 FLYY Dyed Boom Box acrylic pin (exclusive artwork by Amy Gell @gellyillustrations)