£5.00 - £12.00

By now everyone knows that enamel pins make me giddy with joy, so there was no question that I had to create my own for you to enjoy too!

Stand out from the crowd with these FLYY Dyed pins - bursting with all the colours.
You can stick them literally anywhere pins look great on sweaters, lapels and project bags!

Enamel pins are roughly 2cm in size and come with a rubber clutch and backing card.

Take your pick from the following selection:

Enamel Pins:
• FLYY Dyed logo
• OOAK One Skein Wonder
• Bistitchual - by LanaBou

Acrylic Pins:
• FLYY Dyed Cocktail
• FLYY Dyed Boom Box
• OOAK Skein Queen
• FLYY Dyed Sauce

** all acrylic pin artwork exclusively created by Amy Gell @gellyillustrations